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The Colombian National Trade Office, ProColombia, will be organizing the Bicentennial edition of the Business Matchmaking Forum, to be held in Bogota, from April 03 to 05, 2019.

The event is expected to bring together more than 3,000 entrepreneurs, exporters, buyers and business people from various countries around the world.

The Business Matchmaking Forum is one of the most important commercial actions of ProColombia, which is part of the strategy to take advantage of the Free Trade Agreements, diversifying the markets and promoting the exports of Colombian companies.


The Colombian Supply with internationalization potential includes:

·       Agribusiness,

·       Metal-mechanics

·       Chemicals

·       Industries 4.0 and

·       Apparel and Accessories


The International commercialization companies called to attend the Bicentennial business matchmaking forum are:

·       Distributors (foreign Buyer who buys Colombian  products  and  sells  them abroad to a retailer).

·       Retail (large retail companies that the exporter might contact directly).

·       E-commerce (companies that sell directly to the final consumer and/or companies doing business with other through an online platform).

·       Public purchases (companies that belong or do business with the Government).


This forum will provide participants with the opportunity to prearrange their agenda, selecting from more than 3,000 Colombian companies that will be attending the forum. The forum also offers flexibility, competitiveness and quality from Colombian exporters. Additionally, the existing Free Trade Agreement between the European Union and Colombia has established a 0% rate on imports allowing additional ease of doing business.


ProColombia invites interested members of the Ghanaian Business Community to register to participate as a Buyer by 14th February 2019, through the weblink below, and schedule business appointments with the Colombian exporters:


If a Buyer's registration is successful and confirmed, ProColombia will provide a refund of up to USD $1,000.00 per company/organization, towards the international return flight ticket of the Buyer. Costs of hotel accommodation and other expenses will be borne by the Buyer.


For further information, kindly contact the Embassy on 0302 798701/2, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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