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The PEF Training Programme Application Guidelines

Hello and welcome to the Private Enterprise Federation's web platform. To submit your application for the PEF training programme, kindly follow the steps below;

1. You must first register your personal particulars, i.e. Name, a username (chosen by you), email address and a password (chosen by you). After registration, you will be required to activate your account by confirming the email address you used during the registration. Once you have properly registered and activated your account, you will be ready to fill the training application form. To register, click on this link:

Register Me

2. After registration, you should now have a username and a password...kindly log in to the PEF web platform and after a successful login, go to step 3 below.

3. The above steps are to enable you to have future access to this form for edits or full completion. You must have registered your particulars on the PEF e-platform following the steps above. After logging in, click on this link to submit your application:

Submit Your Application


Make Enquiry

If you have any questions regarding the PEF training programmes or if you encounter any issues with the application form, kindly contact us using this form.

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