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4th Africa Organic Conference

4th Africa Organic Conference. November 5-8, 2018 in Cameroon

AfrONet events archives
AfrONet events archives

The 4th Africa Organic Conference targets farmers, consumers, researchers, trainers, academics, extension practitioners, policy makers, donor, media etc

The conference is organized by AfrONet in collaboration with the National Consultation of Farmers’ Organization under the auspices of Africa Union led Coalition of Ecological Organic Agriculture Initiative.

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PEF Seeks Partners to Implement Green Energy Project

The Private Enterprise Federation (PEF), as the apex business council in Ghana, promotes competitiveness and profitability of domestic industries as a strategic partner in innovative problem solving, to continually identify and leverage new technologies to reduce operating and maintenance cost with co-benefits of contributing to or supporting the attainment of overarching objectives of the SDGs and SE4ALL (carbon emissions reduction) under the Paris Agreement. 

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Press Release: Private Enterprises Breathe Freedom From High Tariffs

The Governing Council of PEF together with its member associations and chambers are very elated and would like to express our profound appreciation to the Government and the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC), for the reduction of electricity tariffs for residential (17.5%) and non-residential/ businesses (30%) customers as well as players in the mining sector (10%) and 25% for Special Load Tariff Customers (LV, MV &HV) especially when our mother Ghana celebrates its 61st anniversary.

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PEF Trains Business Owners

The Private Enterprise Federation (PEF) under the Ghana Institutional Support Project (GISP) being funded by the African development bank (AFDB) through the government of Ghana and the Ministry of Finance procured the services of the University of Ghana- Office of Research, Innovation and Development (ORID) to train business owners in various courses related to Business Start up and Growing an existing Business. The objective of the exercise was to develop the skills of these business owners to spot opportunities, develop products that respond to these opportunities and effectively market them for growth of their enterprises. 

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PEF hosts inception breakfast meeting on business and disability in Ghana

The ILO Global Business and Disability Network is a network of multinational enterprises, employers' organizations, business networks and disabled persons' organizations who share the conviction that people with disabilities have talents and skills that can enhance virtually any business. Since 2010, the International Labour Organization (ILO), the UN agency whose mandate is the promotion of decent work, facilitates the Network, provides technical expertise to its members and directly supports its activities through the Network Secretariat, based in the ILO headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

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