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Membership Benefits

  1. Strengthen member associations and chambers through collaborative engagement and advocacy on issues of importance to them and the provision of flow through services to their constituent members.
  2. Providing Research services and findings on issues of peculiar interest to respective members
  3. Collaborate with selected financial institutions to provide long term credit and other forms of financing at discount rates to individual businesses who are members of PEF’s member associations or chambers.
  4. Collaborative activities with members of the  insurance association for insurance coverage at reasonable rates to individual businesses that are part of any Association/Chamber under PEF
  5. Profiling of constituent businesses of member associations for international market linkages and partnership development.
  6. Practical tailor-made Business Development Services and capacity building through mentoring and attachment to local and overseas partners designed to meet the needs of individual businesses that are affiliated to member associations, to become competitive, profitable with enhanced opportunities to grow.
  7. Conflict Resolution/Arbitration to member Associations to restore peace within membership.
  8. Provide consultancy services, business advisory services, project development and management services to member associations.
  9. Other Services and activities that may enhance the effectiveness of member institutions


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