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Selected Achievements

  1. PEF has gained national prominence as the lead private sector advocate by participating in key national advisory, policy planning, formulation and monitoring committees.
  2. In the polarized political atmosphere of 1990s, PEF helped build consensus in the country by organizing a Conference in North Carolina USA for a cross-section of the Ghanaian political and business landscape; including government leaders, members of Parliament including the Opposition, business leaders, academia and civil society representatives.
  3. As a consequence, the National Economic Dialogue between Government, Private Sector, Academia and Civil Society was instituted to discuss and share ideas on private sector development and national economic issues.
  4. PEF was instrumental through various presentations and position papers for the establishment of the original Export Development and Investment Fund (EDIF) and
  5. PEF played a pivotal role in extending the coverage of EDIF to include agricultural financing.
  6. PEF in collaboration with the Ministry of Energy, US Department of Energy and USAID established the Energy Foundation which has been instrumental in the promotion of energy efficient policies and practices
  7. PEF in collaboration with Family Health International undertook the USAID funded HIV/AIDS/STDs program that raised awareness about the pandemic.
  8. In 1997, PEF provided a Forum for dialogue on the problem of funding tertiary education in Ghana. Recommendation from the Forum served as basis for the establishment of the Ghana Education Trust Fund (GET Fund).
  9. Submission of a budgetary input to substitute local raw materials for imported items to spur growth and create jobs have now materialized as an Act for implementation.
  10. The Federation is currently working to change the regulatory and procedures for obtaining permits, certification and licensing by businesses in the country, after years of research of the thorny subject. Various projects include Agricultural Public Private Dialogue Forum that trains Farmer Based Organizations on advocacy.
  11. Establishment of the Agriculture Public Private Dialogue Forum (APPDF): The Agricultural Public Private Dialogue Forum (APPDF) was initiated by PEF in 2010 as an inclusive platform for various players across the agriculture value chain including Farmer Based Organizations (FBOs) and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to participate in dialogue to ensure that their interests are reflected in various policy initiatives by the Government. The Platform also seeks to accelerate private sector investment in the sector in addition to the following:
  • Ensure that commercialization in agriculture is balanced with the interest of the small land holder as well as other land users coupled with social responsibility and environmental sustainability;
  • Support for legal land tenure that is equitable to all;
  • Support capacity building and skills development in the agricultural sector
  • Participate in research and link results to everyday operations for efficient and improved yields in the sector;
  • Partner the government to attract other players and investors to the sector.

These are a few of the numerous advocacy activities that the Federation has undertaken.

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