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PEF Business Development Training Application Form

Please note that all fields marked with (*) are compulsory and answers must be provided for them. If you have any enquiry about the application form or the PEF training programme; use the form on the right column of this page to contact us

Business Name(*required)
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Indicate the name of the business for whom this application is being made.

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Who should we contact for correspondence?

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Gender of Owner(ship)(*required)
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*In the case where there are more than one owner and both males and females - select co-ownership and indicate in the next field their composition.

Male Composition
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Enter the number of males OR percentage of ownership. E.g. 5 or 40%

Female Composition
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Enter the number of females OR percentage of ownership. E.g. 2 or 70%

Age Range of Owners(*required)
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Location of Business (Region)(*required)
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Select a district

Name of Town/ Village
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Years of Operation(*required)
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How many years has your business been in operation

Business Sector(*required)
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Please choose which of the above sectors that best describes your business area

Business Membership(*required)
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Is your business a member of any of the above listed entities? If you are not a member of any of the listed organisations, choose 'Others' and specify in the next field.

Other Association
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If you selected 'others' from the preceding field, specify here what other business association you belong to.

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If you have any questions regarding the PEF training programmes or if you encounter any issues with the application form, kindly contact us using this form.

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