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ICT and Electronics in Ghana

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The ICT Industry comprises telecommunications operators, internet service providers, VSAT data operators, software manufacturers, broadcast institutions, ICT education providers, internet cafés, etc. Generally, the Ministry of Communications and the National Communications Authority (NCA) oversee activities in the sector. They have established the necessary legal and regulatory framework which guarantees the safety of investments in the ICT industry Accra lies at the heart of the ICT industry as it hosts the headquarters and branches of many ICT companies as well as associated infrastructure and support companies.


Ghana has been recognized as an attractive destination for Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) and was ranked the No. 1 destination in Sub-Saharan Africa (ahead of Mauritius and Senegal) and No. 15 globally out of 50 countries by the 2009 A.T. Kearney Global Services Location Index (GSLI). The infrastructural base of the sector includes licensed gateway operators, SAT-3 Access, Private Licensed VSAT Systems, Fixed Wired Line Networks, Wireless Mobile Operators, Public Telephones Systems, Telecentres, Dedicated Transmission Networks, Public Distribution Networks (cable, TV, DSL, etc.), Internet Service Providers, Internet Backbone Connectivity throughout the Country, Public Access Points and Broadcasting Systems. As an initiative to support emerging technologies, the Ministry of Communications is also facilitating the establishment of science and technology parks.

There are considerable investment opportunities in the ICT sector. The sector requires service providers in connecting international voice calls to the local public network. Internet Service Providers are also required to offer internet access to the public especially the rural areas whiles broadcasting operators are required to establish Radio and Television broadcasting throughout the country. There is also a lack of ICT Facilities and Infrastructure on a broad scale across the nation.

Investments are needed in the provision of software, extension of the broadband network to cover the whole country and to provide computer access to rural students. Technological and other support related services such as the supply of quality telecommunications equipment, ICT Equipment and Office and Network Equipment present opportunities to an investor. There are also opportunities in the following areas: Education in the area of software development, networking, VSAT, telecommunication and IT Engineering, Provision of Business Solutions (software and networking services), Business Processing Outsourcing,  Supply of High-Tech Telecommunication Equipment, Back Office Operations ( especially for the Financial  Institutions) , Provision of Broadband Facilities and Services , Internet Service Provision Service , Transaction Processing , Manufacturing, assembling and supply of computers and accessories , VSAT services, E-commerce and Legal Database Services, Logistics Management Services and Medical. Transcription Services.


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