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Report on the roundtable discussion on the companies code

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The Companies Code was enacted and promulgated in 1963 (Act 179), and has ever since been in force.   Since it was drafted   by the famous   Professor   L.  C.  B.  Gower   and promulgated, forty  (40)  years  have  elapsed  - Ghana  and  the world  have  moved  on  in directions that could not have been anticipated  by Gower.

The Companies Code lists the guidelines and regulations on how companies are formed and governed, as well as define the tone of relationship between the state and companies. A  good  Companies Code  emphasizing good  corporate  governance  as  well  as  a clear regulatory framework and acceptable  burdens  of corporate  compliance is a driving  force for investment flows.

After  four  decades,  a new  code  has  been  drafted  and  will  soon  be  submitted  for  the consideration of  Parliament.   To  discuss  this  and  make  informed  inputs  to  the  review process,  the Private  Enterprise  Foundation  (PEF)  in collaboration with the United Nations Development  Programme  (UNDP)  contracted   the  services  of  a  consultant,   Dr.  Sam Mensah - CEO of SEM Financial Group Limited, to do a study on the proposed bill with respect to the policy issues that affect the private sector.

A roundtable  discussion  organized  by PEF on 29111  April 2003 at M-plaza  Hotel, brought together   a  spectrum   of  experts,   policy   analysts,   private  sector   operators   and  other stakeholders  to  discuss  the  draft  Companies  Code,  using  submissions   from  Dr.  Sam Mensah, the lead discussant, as basis. Yeboa-Kodie Asare II chaired the discussion.

For details of participants, see attached list.


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