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Ghana International Trade Commission (GITC) Complaint/Petition System

The objective of the GITC Act 926 is to promote and enhance the competitiveness of the local private sector and contribute to making Ghana the Industrial hub of the sub-region.

The GITC would provide for the regulation of international trade in Ghana in conformity with the rules and regulations of the World Trade system.
It will  ensures fairness, efficiency, transparency and objectivity in the application of measures affecting international trade and the use of world trade measures

The GITC would enquire into and determine complaints by the private sector in relation to safeguarding measures, subsidization of imported products by foreign governments, dumping of imported products in the domestic market and tariff adjustments.
For GITC to assist your organisation/company regarding the above-mentioned issues, kindly click the download button to get access to the complaint form.
Please send all completed forms to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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