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Health in Ghana

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The health industry comprises all firms directly involved in the production and promotion of health care. These include all firms (both public and private) operating in the health market and are involved in the manufacturing of health products, provision of health care, health enhancing services and generation of knowledge in support of health.
The health industry as a new concept has not been recognized and analyzed. The capacity of the local manufacturing industry is under-utilized and the potential of Ghana’s herbal and traditional medicines is largely untapped.The role of this industry in wealth creation is in sustaining health services and creating jobs.



The overall aim of the health sector is to promote healthy lifestyles and reduce risk factors that arise from environmental, economic, social and behavioral causes.
A major prerequisite for a healthy population is how individuals, families and communities take care of themselves and the environment. Information with the specific aim of empowering people to make the right choice for healthy living has been seen as critical. The main disease burden of the country demonstrates a preponderance of diseases resulting from neglect of basic environmental practices and changes in dietary habits, physical activities and adoption of life threatening behavior.


Investment opportunities available in the Health sector include hospitals and clinics, since in Ghana here most health care is provided by the government and largely administered by the Ministry of Health. Investors are there for entreated to invest in the building of hospitals, clinics, provision of laboratory equipment’s, Health Centers, Maternity Homes, Chemical shops, Hospital equipment, Research and development facilities, Drugs and pharmaceuticals, Preventive products e.g. condoms, mosquito nets and among others. So as to support the government to provide a better health care service in the country.


REFERENCE: Ghana Investment Promotion Center

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